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The new generation of J-rock is boosting the J-music Springboards! Come enjoy CASPA’s powerful sound live!

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Formed in the Spring of 2015, CASPA is a unique-sounding rock band featuring fast melodies. It is composed of three members: Miyu (vocals), Natsumi (guitar and chorus), and Toko (bass and chorus). The name of the band, CASPA, is meaningful: C for create, A for all, S for sound, P for player, and A for audience. It is the symbol of their wish to develop with their fans.

They made their first live in Yokohama station in October 2015 and took their first steps on stage at Shibuya VISION in December. Their first mini-album, Sayonara Sekai, released in February 2016, was produced by Yuta YASUNO from HAWAIIAN6. The three titles on it appeal to the public and The End of the World attracts attention abroad.

CASPA「ユニコーンにのって」Music Video

Next September, they made the opening of INAZUMA ROCK, their first festival. In the following months, they participated in several live events, with finally their first one-man live in November 2017 in the mythical Shibuya O-nest. Meanwhile they had released their first single, Uncorn ni Notte, produced by Yuta YASUNO and Tamaya 2060% (Wienners) who wrote for Denpagumi Inc., and TOM (STOMPIN'BIRD). They also made their debut abroad, at Thailand Comic Con 2017, and released their first EP, HOSHIKUZU SANKA.

With the arrival of a new drummer, their music got even more powerful. Their second one-man concert is held on May 26, 2019, the opportunity for their third single, Motive Power

And it will be soon up to you to attend their live! CASPA is joining the J-music Springboards at Japan Expo and will be featured on the Karasu stage: come listen to this new J-rock sound which has already appealed to the band’s fans. CASPA will also be holding signings

CASPA「drama」Live video

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