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callme is a self-produced idol group consisting of three members: KOUMI, MIMORI, and RUUNA. They come to Japan Expo to make you discover their dynamic songs and meet you at signings!

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Idol group callme was created on December 30, 2014, and consists of three members: KOUMI, MIMORI, and RUUNA. As versatile artists, they produce their own group, write their songs, and create their choreographies.

Their music style is originally a mix of hip hop and RnB, but they sometimes compose jazz songs that are both funky and danceable while always preserving the group’s lively spirit.

MIMORI composes their songs using her piano, her PC, and recording equipment. KOUMI takes care of the choreographies in which she always tries to include different types of dance. RUUNA is the group’s leader and is in charge of the lyrics.

Their first single, To shine, was released in March 2015 and ranked 10th on Japan’s music chart. They have since produced six singles and two albums.


callme's members come to Japan Expo to make you move to the sound of their creations in showcase and meet you at signings!

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