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Join BREAK☆THROUGH“5D’s CREW of fans: this uncommon band, catchy and funny, will welcome you with an offbeat gig!

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BREAK☆THROUGH"5D is a four-piece comical dance-and-vocal boys group, performing unforgettable catchy songs and funny dances. On stage, they involve the CREW – their fans – and invite them to participate and enjoy the show with the band members.

Their first single, Paradise Dream, was released in 2014 and ranked first of the ORICON weekly indies music chart. The following year, they released Toriaezu Kiite Kudasai (Please listen for once), and topped the chart again.


In April 2016, they released One-Punch / MONEY ON THE GAME, produced by Mark Panther, one of the most famous DJs in Japan, from the popular vocal unit Globe. The single ranked #11 in the weekly major chart.

All their singles reached the highest ranks in music charts and the band is quickly getting ever more popular. They held two lives in major concert venues, and both were packed up with enthusiastic CREWs from all over Japan.

Don’t miss BREAK☆THROUGH“5D live: join the crew CREW and attend an unexpected and crazy show at Japan Expo. And attend their signing to meet them!

Let’s introduce the members

  • SHUNSUKE of the year, lyrics and script writer: the reliable leader has a comforting character. His theme color is green.
  • Prince of TAKANORI, impressionist and gamer: half-Japanese and half-Vietnamese, the oldest member is also the prince of the group with a tsundere (hot yet cold) charm. His theme color is red.
  • RYOYA・RYOYA, choreographer: the most mature, he has a tender personality. His theme color is yellow.
  • Fushigi ・na ・YUTO ver1.25, rapper: as the youngest member of the band, he’s being spoiled. His theme color is blue.


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