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Roger Atangana Kolo aka Attango, a Franco-Cameroonian, is the founder of Real Japanese Hip Hop, an association founded in 2013. Come and meet his artists at the festival!

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Attango is the creator of Real Japanese Hip Hop. His immersion in the world of Japanese hip-hop began in 1997, when he discovered a Japanese rap compilation, particularly marked by Scha Dara Parr's Summer Jam 95. Despite his career as an IT consultant, he undertook multiple trips to Japan between 2013 and 2023, to meet key players in the Japanese hip-hop scene, including music professionals, journalists and artists.

In August 2013, he founded Real Japanese Hip Hop (RJHH), which is now the leading foreign media outlet dedicated to Japanese hip-hop culture outside Japan. As of 2018, Attango is invited by artists to participate in major Japanese rap events. In addition, it collaborates with Tokyo radio station InterFM-89.7 TOKYO as part of the "Tokyo scene with Real Japanese Hip Hop" program for two years. The same year, Attango gets closer and integrates the French DJ/rapper Sonikem within the RJHH structure. In 2019, he organizes a Japanese hip-hop event in Paris in collaboration with Sonikem, featuring artists such as ISH-ONE, Aran and Tigarah at the Paris hip-hop cultural center (LaPlace). He encourages collaboration between Sonikem and several Japanese rappers for the musical projects Last Train to Shibuya in 2019 and Never Stop released in 2023.

Continuing to expand its influence in the Japanese hip-hop world, it establishes partnerships with various Japanese labels, media and structures, including Perimetron, TEAM2MVCH and Spincoaster. In 2022, Attango launched ATTANGO Management/Entertainment, a structure designed to promote Japanese hip-hop artists wishing to perform outside Japan.

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