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Atelier Sentô

The duo Atelier Sentô is waiting for you at Japan Expo. Come and discover an unknown Japan!

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Atelier Sentô is a duo formed by Cécile Brun and Olivier Pichard.

They draw their inspiration from their travels in Japan and the encounters they made there. Armed with their brushes and watercolours, they criss-crossed the cities and countryside, bringing back a wealth of sketches and travel diaries as documentation. Through their stories, they like to show an unusual Japan, far removed from clichés.

Their first graphic novel Onibi was awarded the silver medal at the Tokyo International Manga Prize in 2018. In 2024, they made their debut in the Dupuis catalogue with Tokyo Mystery Café.

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A manga publishing house founded in 2018 by Stéphane Ferrand, Vega-Dupuis was built on a catalog of Seinen manga aimed at a wide audience, then expanded into Shonen, Shojo and Kodomo, exploring the range of Asian pop-culture.

Offering a demanding selection of titles published in Japan, Vega is open to Western manga creations, unpublished works by Japanese authors and international collaborations. Vega aims to give generations of authors and readers a new field for entertainment and editorial innovation.

With Webtoon Factory, the publisher is showcasing a host of talented new authors and artists through these digital comics. Come and discover them at the festival, on the Vega Dupuis booth!

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