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Being a cosplayer since childhood, Ashe garnered experience along the years wich she shares with you at masterclasses! And don’t miss her at the ECG where she is part of the jury!

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One thing is certain, American Ashe is a born cosplayer: at just 3, she already wore a Snow White dress she badgered her mother to make. Two years later, she put on her first self-made design, a WilyKit costume. Since then, cosplay never left her.

Since 2003, Ashe has been travelling across the US to compete in major conventions and win many awards. In 2011, she was even a US representative at the World Cosplay Summit. Last year, she embarked on a new project close to her heart: MakeLight Studios, the first Japanese style cosplay photography studio within the US.


As Japan Expo’s guest, Ashe awaits you on her booth and at masterclasses to teach you everything she knows about cosplay making. She also joins her fellow cosplayers Echow, Kairi and Yuks General as a jury member at the ECG season 7 finals!

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