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Ami-Râle, a venerable 64-year-old cosplayer since 2015, Switzerland, and especially present at Japan Expo!

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Ami-Râle is a 64-year-old Swiss cosplayer specializing in EVA FOAM and other thermoformable materials.

He was an ECG Group representative in season 9 with Korawui.

He's someone who likes to express his opinion, and can sometimes be considered a grouch. However, this doesn't mean he's not open to others. On the contrary, he loves to interact with people and learn from their experiences. 

Ami-Râle loves the stage, and watching cosplay contests fills him with happiness. He's also lucky enough to be a judge, and when it comes to judging contests, he strives to be impartial. He firmly believes in fairness, in recognizing talent and merit, whatever the level of the cosplayer.  He takes the time to analyze performances and give fair judgments, without letting his personal preferences influence his decisions. 
Ami-Râle looks forward to interacting with you at the ECG booth.

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