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SWEEP made waves across the world thanks to his powerful voice and his soul songs. He now comes to Japan Expo in collaboration with DJ Yoku, a member of the famous group A Hundred Birds, to amaze you in showcase and to meet you!

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SWEEP is a singer-songwriter who grew up listening to soul and R’n’B music. He started his music career as a rapper performing at clubs in Tokyo and Yokohama, and has seduced the audience with his songs inspired by real-life experiences, his oustanding melodies, and his strong voice. Thanks to this great success, he made his debut in 2006.

As a singer, he actively collaborates with many artists such as Grammy Award winner Gordon Chambers, Substantial and Che’Nelle. Since 2009, he has been organizing many events in Tokyo and proactively holding concerts receiving high appreciation from the audience.


Besides his activity as a singer, he acts as a producer and thus create many pieces for other artists such as anime, TV drama, and movie theme songs. His most successful song is BELIEVE, written for Che’Nelle, which was number one hit in 2012 with 700.000 downloads and 350.000 CD sales.

He has recently started a collaboration with one of A Hundred Birds’ main vocalists, DJ Yoku, including an orchestra playing soul music consisting of 40 players. Their album DISCOvery was released in the United-Kingdom in 2016 and counts three songs interpreted by SWEEP: Relight My Fire, I Love music, and I’m Caught Up.

This summer, these two artists set the festival on fire in showcase and meet you at signings!


Find SWEEP on the official website www.sweep-web.net

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