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Real Akiba Boyz

Tokyo’s Akihabara District has its official representatives: Real Akiba Boyz is a team of otaku dancers with communicative energy and a will to heat up Japan Expo 20th Impact!

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With over 100 million online streams of related videos nowadays, the Real Akiba Boyz band – also known as RAB – was formed in 2007 by five breakdance performers who were into anime, voice actors/actresses and model figures. An online post of a video where the boys were dancing Hare Hare Yukai, started the huge trend back then, while creating a major sensation that led RAB to appear on TV and to release a first album, which became the beginning of their current activities.

Real Akiba Boyz : otaku no arigachi

While still making considerable achievements as breakdancers by representing Japan in world-class competitions, RAB continues to post online their “Us dancing to” video series, which features their choreography to anime songs.  Each video surpassed the 200.000 streams, creating a huge hype in cyberspace.

RAB has been handpicked to represent Japan on YouTube Rewind, a compilation video of YouTube’s stars from around the world.  They have also performed at various J-POP culture events in Asia and Western countries such as C3AFA and Japan Expo to name a few. They also organize the street dance contest Akiba Street.

【RAB】けものフレンズ OPを踊ってみた【リアルアキバボーイズ】高画質

Don't miss this atypical group oif otaku breakdance peerformers and find out about Akihabara's street dance culture with them! They give several showcases, signings, and warm up the festival! 

Real Akiba Boyz also perform the first part of the Anisong Festa before angelaMika KOBAYASHI  and miwaMore about the Anisong Festa

【RAB】干物妹!うまるちゃん OPを踊ってみた【リアルアキバボーイズ】高画質


Follow Real Akiba Boyz on www.youtube.com/RAB

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