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Kannagi Rabbits

Exploring traditional folklore, pop music and rap, the members of Kannagi Rabbits evolve in a very personal artistic universe. To be discovered at Japan Expo!

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Founded in 2019 in Osaka, the girlsband Kannagi Rabbits explores traditional Japanese folklore with a very particular concept: taking inspiration from Shinto maiden, religious elements, and shrines aesthetics.

Their name refers to the famous legend of the Moon Rabbit, sent to the moon by a merciful god. Their lyrics are inspired by tales and traditions, and their outfits and videos are reminiscent of the miko, young female assistants to the priests in shrines.

Thanks to their great originality, they quickly reached success in the pop-music scene in Japan, and won the W Award trophy of the "Idol Matsuri" contest of the Asahi TV channel in 2020. They are regularly invited to perform on stages as well as in shrines! Multiplying artistic experiences, they even appeared as characters in the manga "OSHI GA BUDOKAN ITTEKURETARA SHINU", which tells the success of Idols supported by their fans.

They will come at Japan Expo for showcases, signing sessions and photocalls. Don't miss these opportunities to discover and meet them!


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