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Its Raining Neon

Japan Expo is pleased to welcome the talented cosplayer DeAnna Davis, better known as Its Raining Neon! She will be attending the festival for four days to play her part as a jury member at the European Cosplay Gathering finals and to share her love for cosplay with you!

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Its Raining Neon is a skilled American designer who is experienced in many artistic fields. In addition to being a cosplayer, she is a costumer, a prop maker, a sculptor, a makeup artist, a model, a stylist, an illustrator, a photographer, and a graphic designer! For the past 8 years, Its Raining Neon has made the best use of her skills to create various costumes based on characters from different video games, comics, and cartoons.

She recently became an Internet personality on social media. She won the heart of many Internet users with her quirky personality that she shows through short videos about her daily life and her cosplay works that have become truly popular within various communities.


Even though everything seems to work out for Its Raining Neon, she still hasn't reached her main life goal yet, meaning... finding the ultimate cup of coffee!

In July, Its Raining Neon will join Japan Expo for four days as a jury member at the European Cosplay Gathering finals, and invites you to discover her at panels and meet her at signings throughout the whole festival!

Find Its Raining Neon on www.facebook.com/DeAnnaDavisCostuming

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