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Gladzy Kei

Canadian cosplayer Gladzy Kei comes to Japan Expo as a member of the European Cosplay Gathering finals' jury and tells you how to create customized costumes based on fictional characters at a masterclass! Come discover her work throughout the whole festival!

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Being a professional sculptor, concept artist, character designer, and cosplayer, it is safe to say that Gladzy Kei excels in many artistic fields. She majored in Illustration and gratuated from Alberta College of Art & Design with a Bachelor’s of Design Degree.

Many cosplayers all around the world have created costumes inspired by her artworks, and particularly admire her armor designs. The cosplay groups she has been part of (Battle Disney Princess, Sailor Scouts, and Valkyrie Eeveelutions) have been featured in articles on famous websites such as Cosmopolitan, Movie Pilot, and Kotaku.com.

She also represented Canada during an international cosplay competition, and has been regurlarly invited to European and US conventions as an international cosplay guest.

Gladzy Kei is currently working as a muralist and concept artist at a local studio producing fabrication of characters, large scale props, as well as creative interior and exterior displays.

This year, Gladzy Kei will be attending the festival as a member of the European Cosplay Gathering finals' jury and will use this opportunity to give a masterclass about creating customized costumes! You'll also get to meet her at her booth throughout the whole festival for signings!

Find Gladzy Kei on www.facebook.com/GladzyKei

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