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Fure Fure Danshi

The Tokyo Candoll -BOYS- talent show has unveiled the winner of its third edition: congrats to Fure Fure Danshi! Wishing to encourage their audience, here they’re coming to Japan Expo, ready to boost the Karasu stage!

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Made of Masahiro KANEKO, Kota SAMPEI, Yu WAKAMATSU, Daiki HIGUCHI, and Ibuki AKISAWA, Fure Fure Danshi is a male idol band who’s aim is to encourage you! On an everyday basis, they try to support the people who do their best and most of all they want to support the Olympic Games that will be held in Japan in 2020.

Fure Fure Danshi - Tokyo Candoll -BOYS-

With their support as their weapon, Fure Fure Danshi won Tokyo Candoll -BOYS- 2019! Congratulations: we can’t wait to see them at Japan Expo as they will be setting fire to the Karasu stage with a showcase! Let’s share their energy and get a good boost! Don’t miss their signings as well!


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