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BATTEN GIRLS is a very popular idol group that brilliantly incorporates tradition and modernity in its visual and musical aesthetic. Be ready for an intense show at Japan Expo!

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BATTEN GIRLS is a popular idol group based in Kyûshû, Japan, belonging to Stardust Promotion's Stardust Planet label and known for performing Dragon Ball Super's fifth Ending, Yoka Yoka Dance.

They are highly regarded for their unique worldview, blending elements of traditional Japanese culture with a wide range of musical genres such as Dance and Electro.

Although they perform rhythmic and mesmerizing dance performances on stage, the members of BATTEN GIRLS each have a warm and charming personality developed in the relaxed atmosphere of the Kyûshû region.

They have participated in various collaborative projects with Sony, Canon, Yamaha, and other major international companies in Japan to integrate advanced technology with entertainment. BATTEN GIRLS are the most famous idols in Japan in this field. Last year, their VR video created in collaboration with Canon and Intel won the Grand Prize at the Lumiere Japan Awards, which brought them a lot of attention and praise. In the same year, they performed at one of the biggest music festivals in Asia, SUMMER SONIC 2022.


This year, they participated in one of the largest Japanese events in Asia: JAPAN EXPO THAILAND 2023.  With their latest album Cue-sai, which was created together with up-and-coming Japanese creators, they are expanding their activities worldwide for even greater success.

BATTEN GIRLS will be live on stage from Friday through Sunday at Japan Expo.


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