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Since the release of the anime in France in 2012, Sword Art Online has become a real phenomenon: the series chara-designer, abec, is at Japan Expo for the release of the novel’s second volume which gave birth to the saga, with the author Reiki KAWAHARA, in partnership with the French publisher Ofelbe!

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abec is the chara-designer of the cult anime adaptation of Sword Art Online. He is also the illustrator of the novel Sword Art Online, published by ASCII Media Works in Japan, and by the publisher Ofelbe in France.

After the publication of the first volume last March, the second volume will be released exclusively for Japan Expo: come and discover it during the festival, from July 2 at Ofelbe's booth.

On this occasion, abec is at Japan Expo with Reki KAWAHARA on Thursday, Friday and Saturday to meet you during a signing session. You will also be able to attend their conference.

sword art online, the novel

Summary of Volume 1 - Game Over will cause real death

Kirito has accepted this certainty since he started fighting on his own in the Aincrad, this giant flying fortress used as a universe for the online game Sword Art Online.                                         Like him, millions of players are connected, trapped in a virtual world where the slightest mistake can be fatal, they play to regain freedom.                                                                               Kirito wants to conquer alone the 100 floors that will take him to the final fight, but he will have to accept the help of the obstinate Asuna, a talented swordswoman.                                     A mad race for survival begins in a world where swords rule.

Summary of Volume 2 – Welcome in ALfheim Online

Kirito comes back safe and sound from his quest for the Aincrad fortress, while Asuna, “Flash of Lightening”, the girl he fell in love with inside the SAO does not wake up from her long coma…                                                                                                                                                     Kazuto goes to the hospital as often as he can, to watch over her, supported by his sister Suguha.                                                                                                                                              During a visit, Kazuto learns from Nobuyuki Sugô himself, an engineer-programmer, that the man is about to marry Asuna without waiting for her to wake up.                                                  At the same time, Kazuto learns from Agil, his former fighting partner, that an avatar looking oddly like Asuna, is trapped in a new VRMMO: “ALfheim Online!”


Find the Sword Art Online novel at the Ofelbe editions :

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