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As every year since 2011, the Japan Fashion Days have allowed you to discover the latest fashion trends just born in Japan and those directly inspired from Japanese traditions. Here we look back on the 4 runway shows you had the opportunity to see – and as a picture is worth a thousand words, do not hesitate to click through our slideshow below!

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photo album of the japan fashion days


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Creators Tokyo 5x Ai Madonna


The group named Creators Tokyo, which currently includes 30 Tokyo-based designers, gave you the opportunity to discover 5 of them during a beautiful runway show on Sunday on Ichigô Stage. Chic, kawaii and offbeat trends followed one another on the catwalk to give you an insight into the bold moves of Japanese fashion.

You could admire some outfits by Neb Aaran Do by Neverland, a label that likes to revisit the stylistic codes of uniforms: from schoolchildren to sailors including hostesses, stripes, ties and berets made their comeback on stage. They were followed by the ambulant graphic works by Dress and Tights and its designer Toshinori YONEDA, who seems to have kept a child’s heart and mind: his colorful dresses and tights, bearing the effigy of little kawaii heroines, were certainly appealing to many female spectators!

Men were about to be jealous… But hopefully, they’ve also had their share of original creations, thanks to the menswear designer Yukihero TESHIMA and his brand Yukihero Pro-Wrestling. A true explosion of colors, textures and wild patterns, inspired by the wrestling field that he knows so well – change of scenery guaranteed!

The urban-style suits designed by Aiko MIYAMOTO under the label kapuwa brought back a relative sobriety, with lavishly printed fabrics, obtained through the Indian ancestral technique of “Block print”. A glamorous touch was given by motonari ono‘s silk and velvet dresses, adorned with intricate festoons. The Pink Babies idols also played the models in the costumes that make their unique signature, and delivered a dynamic performance to wind up the runaway show in great style.

japan runway

The fashion event organizer Japan Runway came for the first time to Japan Expo and showed you on Saturday three promising stylists’ collections: MOUSSY, rienda and SLY. Along with the songs of the J-pop singer Ayane IKEDA, you could appreciate the vintage and urban-style suits by MOUSSY, the fresh and elegant dresses by rienda and SLY – three brands that have character and yet, are very pleasant to wear in the context of everyday life, to match your mood for the day!

AOI clothing


On Thursday, the French designer AOI Clothing provided on Ichigô Stage a gorgeous preview of his new collection, based on a wise combination of Occidental and Oriental styles. Indeed, AOI perfectly knows how to adapt traditional, high-quality fabrics (all their kimono are imported from Japan) to the practicality criteria that prevail in Europe.

The result of this cultural interbreeding was displayed in an energetic runway show, to the rhythm of TaïkoKanou’s music, a percussion band fond of cultural mingling. The 6 percussionists awakened the taiko’s ancestral soul through original compositions close to the Japanese primitive songs and blended with jazz and African rhythms.

A double symbiosis and a perfect alchemy of senses… that perhaps incited you to check their lush booth at Japan Expo Hall 5? If not, you may still catch up by shopping AOI Clothing’s ready-to-wear line in its Parisian boutique. And if you’d like to once again experience the feeling of the runway show, you just have to click here!

young creators


The fashion show Tremplins Mode Jeunes Créateurs which took place on Yuzu Stage on Friday let you discover a few European young stylists that draw their inspiration from what we like the most in Japanese culture. They offered you up a refreshing and floral cocktail of their most beautiful pieces.

Among them, Fleurs d’Ascenseurs has adapted the geisha style to the contemporary world in a line named “geisha pop”, combining hand-made quality with fantasy for the pleasure of the eyes. An extreme care for detail is also Valérie MOËNNE’s first concern, as can be testified by her brand Marie Antoilette, famous for its printed tights entirely made in France and for a large panel of accessories expressing the essence of Japanese imagination.

The Tremplins Mode fashion show gave you a flavor of what was awaiting you in the Young Creators Village, where you could see lots of splendid garments that might have made you dreamt of a new look – unless you grabbed this opportunity to renew your wardrobe and prolong your sweet memories of Japan Expo!


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