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Focus on web culture at Japan Expo 2022 !

Web culture is an integral part of Japan Expo. You met web influencers and contents creators and even attended their events! Back to all the web culture at Japan Expo 2022.

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Tokyo no Jo, a Tokyo-based youtuber who talks about the cultural differences between Japan and France in humorous videos, discussed his favorite subjects during conferences and then met you during signing sessions.

In the same spirit, the French-Japanese youtuber Louis-San performed on stage and held signing sessions for your pleasure!

Trunkyzoo shares his advice on how to live in Japan, understand its culture and language and above all, made himself noticed on TikTok with his reproductions of figures, poses and live anime fights which he demonstrated on stage during the festival!

Youtuber and streamer specializing on the learning of the Japanese language through mangas and anime, Juudaichi is also a dubbing actor and he shared all his talents with you!

France Five, French amateur sentai, presented on the occasion of the release of its Blu-ray box "France Five" at Omaké Books, a great preview of "Message from beyond space", their new project, on the Yuzu stage. 

Streaming fan of video games and Pokémon, Midogeek was present on her booth where she discussed and exchanged with you and prepared contests and mini-tournaments! 

Accompanied by a part of the cast and crew of the movie, François Descraques presented the very first movie inspired by his web-series, "Le Visiteur du Futur" during conferences. Were present :

  • François Descraques
  • Florian Dorin
  • Enya Baroux
  • Vincent Tirel
  • Lénie Cherino
  • Assa Sylla 
  • Raphaël Descraques 
  • Ludovik
  • Jimmy Tillier
  • Cecile Auclair


Murasaki Team invited no less than 19 influencers on its booth! You could meet and exchange with :

  • Otabunka
  • Projet Re:union
  • Temple du Manga
  • Yerim_nyu
  • Minotaku
  • Shyro
  • Takiro
  • ElCrunchy
  • Vercinrap
  • Sxonic
  • Trombone
  • m.manel.m
  • Shaows
  • Pinkukiwi
  • Un Chat Gris
  • Acky Foxy
  • Koumo
  • Rikiuniama
  • Nuyjrr 


Rakuten and its Stream & Chill space offered on-stage and booth content with the following influencers:

  • Areliann

FPS queen, top 1 collector with Cosplay option, fearsome mouse in hand.

  • Chipsette

She wears Team Vitality's colors high and kills as easily as she cosplays, all without a false note! What could be more normal for a musician?

  • The Pandaman

Back in France after years of discovering Japan, this gamer distributes smiles while playing and going on adventures.

  • Berluu

Content producer and King of Role Play, he has fun on all types of games without ever taking himself seriously.

  • Kaevane

Multifunctional artist running his brushes with ease on all media, physical and digital.

  • DJ Boucherie

Would you like to have some Metal with your gaming? The whole sprinkled with a nice dose of urbex and communicative laughter! 

  • Hiuuugs

Journalist passionate about video games and fallen in love with streaming, he presents every day the Matinale Video Games, a concentrate of news and good humor. A single watchword: talk about serious things without taking oneself seriously and with kindness.

  • Packam

A mix of order and chaos! 

  • SpaceKaeru 

Artist of the improbable, fingers on his guitar, mouth on his microphone, eyes in the stars, you have traveled on the back of a celestial toad, to the rhythm of his melodies, to the rhythm of the galaxies, in search of the lost note or of an unexplored constellation.


Omaké Books invited 5 content creators and even had its own signing area at the fair: Omaké Stars. Were present :

  • Bob Lennon, youtuber who became famous thanks to series around the game Minecraft, he offers multi-gaming content on YouTube and Twitch. 
  • Benzaie, French video artist and actor known for his YouTube videos based on video games and movies. 
  • Conkerax, passionate about video games of all kinds and retro-gaming, he has a channel on which he talks about his experience and knowledge.
  • Edward is a specialist of our past years. He narrates with emotions his memories of gamers by going back in time, reliving his tender years with his friends around an old console, ready for new retro-discoveries!
  • Sheshounet offers video content including video game tests of his latest finds and short films. 


Eight big names in streaming have also joined the party. They are:

  • Alex Levand, sports coach with a national diploma for over 15 years. Youtuber with more than 850 000 subscribers, his specialties are fitness, nutrition and well-being.
  • Nekketsu Show, weekly pop culture shows available on YouTube, Twitch and in podcast on all streaming platforms. Themes: news, movies, manga, sports, video games... Ol'kainry, Fayss Nekketsu and Hubert meet you around your favorite subjects in very lively debates. 
  • Mont Corvo, Kamalthero and Kytaro welcome you to Mount Corvo and immerse you in the spectacular world of One Piece, with reviews, live reactions and news (manga, animation, film and video games). With 627k subscribers on YouTube, it is the biggest channel dedicated to One Piece in France.
  • Seven Deadly Cheese, a group of 7 creators coming from various horizons, proposing videos as funny as inspiring mainly on TikTok.
  • Miss Soso, the Hokage of the "Manga Game", shares her love of manga and geek culture on YouTube, TikTok and Twitch! 
  • DBTime, duo composed of Leo and Max who share with their subscribers their love for Dragon Ball through their channel DBTimes! A reference for the fans of Akira TORIYAMA's manga... but not only ! Manga, pop-Culture, figurines... are also part of it ! 
  • Chef Otaku, French Youtubeur specialized in manga.
  • Imblacko, content creator specialized in Japanese culture and street interviews. He is a manga and anime fan.


Finally, the NOOB team was also present. The NOOB transmedia license is first known for its web series, which now accumulates more than 100 million views on the Internet and is ranked number 1 at the box office of French webseries since 2009. It has since been adapted into a novel, a comic book, a light novel, a manga, an RPG and finally, a movie which is scheduled to be released in 2022.

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