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Focus on culture and traditions at Japan Expo 2022!

Japanese culture and traditions are at the heart of the festival. With a dedicated space, a stage, exhibitions and the Wabi Sabi space, you could immerse yourself in the culture of Japan. Would you like to take a look back at what you saw?

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The Japanese guests of the traditional space were numerous this year. Through sales booths, shows and exchanges, they made you discover their universe.

KAMUI Samurai Artist, whose leader Tetsuro Shimaguchi joined the movie "KILL BILL Vol.1" of Quentin Tarantino as an actor, choreographer of fight scenes and trainer of actors, is a troupe of "Samurai Artist". On stage, they immersed you in a breathtaking samurai fight!

Hiroshima Busho-Tai, a group of samurai in charge of promoting Hiroshima Castle, Takarabune, a creative dance company from Awa Odori, KATANAYA-Ichi, a troupe presenting spectacular choreographies mixing martial arts and dances, Katsumi Sakakura, a dance group mixing karate, dance and action, Yasumin OKUNO, a Japanese dancer and finally, Kirie, a collective mixing ancient and modern through dance, objects and music, took place on the Sakura stage throughout the festival!

Traditional space


No less than 79 booths allowed you to discover the work of talented artists in the Wabi Sabi space! Drawing their inspiration from ancestral techniques or from nature, they offered you their creations straight from Japan and took you into their universe! Among the different themes, you could find booths on fashion, crafts, accessories, calligraphy, arts and music!

The Cité internationale de la tapisserie Aubusson joined Studio Ghibli to make huge hangings in the colors of these legendary animated films! At Japan Expo, they exhibited the monumental preparatory works of these tapestries, so that visitors could admire them, and hosted a conference to talk about their work!

Traditional Japanese games were also there:

  • Île-de-France Go League
  • Shogi League of Île-de-France,
  • Karuta France
  • French Mah-Jong Federation
  • French Othello Federation

Mixing strategy and thinking, you were able to learn during intense games and even face champions!  

Many of you demonstrated your sports talents on the Budô areas. Indeed, the traditional sports and well-being practices were numerous this year.

New this year, sumo joined the festival thanks to Paris Sumo!

Aikibudô, kobudô and Katori Shinto Ryu taught you to excel in the art of defense and handling Japanese weapons, while the masters of nihon budô introduced you to this martial art which draws its origins from the essence of the Japanese tradition.

The Ninja Temple allowed you to learn Ninjutsu and if you prefer the soft method, you could also participate in Shiatsu workshops!

Finally, the association Iokaï Shiatsu Paris was here during your day for a moment of relaxation and enjoyment thanks to the benefits of shiatsu!


On the exhibitions side, Kana offered "Japan at a glance", an exhibition during which you could discover the multiple aspects of the Japanese culture and understand Japan and its traditions! The exhibition "A walk in Japan, an urban excursion in the land of the Rising Sun" presented six remarkable cities: Sapporo, Kanazawa, Kyoto, Kobe, Takamatsu and Fukuoka, to show you the diversity of culture, gastronomy and architecture that can be found in Japan. 

The unavoidable Tourism Area has been distinguished by its various animations and events. After having taken your information at the Japanese National Tourism Office, you explored the city of Fujiyoshida and its touristic attractions based around Mount Fuji, visited the prefecture of Saitama and participated in its traditional activities then discovered the island of Awaji and its activities around Hello Kitty and the park "NIJIGENNOMORI"! Finally, you took a well-deserved rest thanks to JETRO and its activities around the Japanese cuisine. All thanks to Crosslight Japan, JNTO and Pasona Group INC !

Tsunagari Taiko Center taught you awa odori dance and taiko and the Asian'Efrei association of sharing Asian cultures from EFREI Paris school proposed various activities and events all along the festival like hanafuda, mah-jong, shogi, go games, origami and even quiz!

The Kaerizaki association and its multiple events put forward Japanese culture, whether traditional or pop, as well as the Soleil Levant Association!

Finally, the Collectif Vu du Japon, the first French-speaking resource of video contents about Japan, invited you to discover their various channels and exchange with their creators at their booth!



A must in Japanese culture, gastronomy has always conquered you at each edition. With its dedicated stage, Washoku, you were able to attend culinary demonstrations. 

The Japanese chef Seiichi ITO presented the kushikatsu, a pork skewer most often breaded and fried, which can be declined with other ingredients.

Samuel Triffot, co-founder of the Gili-Gili restaurant, chose to present three onigiri recipes: the great classic, tuna mayonnaise, which revolutionized onigiri in the 1970s, salmon, a best-seller in Japan as well as in France, and shiso tsukemono, a simple, fresh and colorful vegetal recipe. 

You prepared the "Izumo Zenzai" using red beans from Izumo, water, salt, all with the pastry cooks from Sakaneya store! Izumo is the main region of the movie The Child of the Month of Kamiari presented at Japan Expo, and a fundamental city in Japanese mythology. The traditional and magical dessert "Zenzai" introduced in the movie is from Izumo. 

Chef and pop-culture expert, Gastronogeek is specialized in cooking inspired by pop-culture works. With a forthcoming book, La Cuisine dans Ghibli, by Hachette Heroes, he has offerd various cooking demonstrations around his favorite themes! 

Passionate about traditional "wagashi" pastries which she learned the secrets of directly in Japan, Charlotte CASPAR presented three demonstrations:

  • Variations around the mochi
  • Dorayaki, super star of wagashi
  • Introduction to Jônamagashi, the yôkan

Finally, Emmanuelle OBADINA, a pastry chef and naturopath with a passion for nutritherapy, focused on Japanese pastry and its benefits for the body and mind. She taught you how to make Wagashi and gave you tips and tricks!

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