Japan Expo Paris - July 14-17, 2022

Ichigo Stage

The biggest auditorium of the festival, the Ichigo Stage is also one of the most important in the whole Paris Region during the four days of the festival: it brings together up to 14,000 people for some of the most popular shows featured at Japan Expo!

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The 3rd biggest auditorium in the Paris region

Sitting comfortably, with a great view over the stage, enjoy breathtaking shows! After an amazing facelift for Japan Expo’s 20th Anniversary in 2019, the Ichigo Stage (ichigo means strawberry) proposes a premium experience, with more comfort, a better view, and improved equipment allowing crazy stage directions!


Among the Ichigo Stage transformations:

  • A 44-meter large stage (twice as large as it used to be) for a better visibility and more viewers at the front.
  • A 550sqm stage spread on three landings for more inventive and dynamic scenographies lit up by over a hundred spotlights.
  • Three big screens show what’s featured on stage, so you don’t miss a single detail of it.
  • An improved comfort with 4,000 seats.

Music, cosplay, traditional performances or fashion shows: the Ichigo Stage features some of the most popular shows of the festival. Among the most striking events of the 2019 edition, let’s mention the Ballet Dragon Quest and its 40 dancers, the Greatest Cosplay Show which brought together on stage 40 cosplayers who had attended Japan Expo in the previous 20 years, or the half musical half sword choreographic show performed by Mika KOBAYASHI and KAMUI. 



Retrouvez facilement la scène Ichigo en suivant ce picto !


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