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On this page, discover the new way to enter the festival faster and easier: the Fastpass! What it is and how does it works, to know everything it's here.

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What is a Fastpass?

New since 2023, the Fastpass allows you to enter the festival earlier! By scanning your ticket AT THE ENTRANCE in line, you enter at 9:00 am instead of 9:30 am, and since your ticket is already scanned, you enter much faster. 

How does it work ?

If you have a Fastpass you enter earlier and enjoy the festival before the other visitors. 

When you arrive at the festival, you are redirected to the line dedicated to the ticket you own.

Zen Tickets and Zen+ Confort Tickets will enter their respective lines and begin waiting in line until 8:30 am. At that time, the lines open and the scanning of tickets begins, THEN they enter the festival

For 1-Day Ticket and 4-Days Pass, it works the same way, except that the scanning and entry is done at 9:30 am.  

If you have a Fastpass, the Japan Expo team scans your ticket AT THE ENTRY of the line. So at 9.00 am, the line opens and you are guaranteed to enter the festival without having to scan your ticket again, which saves you time. 

The difference is that 1-Day Ticket and 4-Days Pass holders wait in line and at 9:30am, the scanning of the tickets starts, THEN they enter the festival.

The Fastpass ensures that you can enter the festival at 9:00 am, without having to wait for your ticket to be scanned to enter, because it will have been done BEFORE 9:00 am.

The aim of Fastpass is to anticipate and fluidify your access to the festival.

Book your Fastpass now on the ticketing page of Japan Expo !

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