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Artistic Envelope Contest

This year again, try to win your ticket for Japan Expo by participating to the artistic envelopes contest! This year's theme: the phoenix, just like the theme of our 2022 edition!

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If you feel like an artist, don't miss the envelope contest! Following the poll on our social networks, the theme you chose is: myths and legends of Japan, with a touch of "Japan Expo"! 

Only one condition: at least one of this year's guest, animation or our mascots (Chibi Dino, the Geisha, the Samurai or the schoolgirl) must also appear in your artwork! For the rest, "sky is the limit"!

We are waiting for your works impatiently: try your luck to win your entrance to Japan Expo. Two winners will be selected, and each of them will win an entrance to the festival.


The rules are simple: you must decorate an envelope you own way (drawing, collage, fabric, painting) and send it to us.


Myths and legends of Japan, with a touch of "Japan Expo"! 

The envelope must also represent at least one element of the program of this and/or one of the mascots of Japan Expo (Chibi Dino, the Geisha, the Samurai or the schoolgirl).

You must decorate the front of your envelope, meaning the side including our address and the stamp. The back of your envelope can remain blank. Let your imagination take over: originality will pay off!

The envelope must remain as it is (do not put it in another envelope).

All formats are accepted (standard size, handmade…) as long as it is an envelope.

Send your work to the following address:
Japan Expo
Concours d'enveloppes artistiques
14 place Georges POMPIDOU
93160 Noisy-le-Grand – France

Do not forget to include in the envelope a piece of paper with your personal details: name, surname, age, email and postal address and/or write them at the back of the envelope.


You have until June 27th, 2022.

Letters sent after this date, post office's stamp as proof, will be considered non-admissible.


The 2 winners will get a free access to Japan Expo 20th Impact, which will be available on a day of their choice (Thursday, Friday or Sunday) and be sent to the address indicated in their entry after the contest closing date.

Good Luck!


Q. : I’m afraid my envelope will get damaged during its journey. I want to put it in another envelope, what do you think about it?                                                                            A. : The rules do not allow it. The envelope must be sent as it is. However you can include a message for the postman to handle it with care.

Q. : I have already bought a ticket for the festival. Can I give it to a friend if I win?
A. : Yes of course, the tickets are not personalized.

Q. : Can we use computer devices for this contest?
A. : Yes, you can use all the techniques you want, as long as it is on an envelope and that it is sent by post.

Q. : Collage is allowed so I can make a drawing and glue it on the envelope, this is regarded as collage isn’t it?
A. : No, collage means there are decorative materials (glitters, fabric, pearls…)

Q. : Can I reproduce a drawing?
A. : Yes. It is the global originality of the envelope that will be rewarded

Q. : Can I make the envelope myself?
A. : Yes.

Q. : Does the envelope need to be made of paper or can I create a patchwork with different materials (as long as it has the form and rigidity of a paper envelope)?
A. : Be creative, the envelope can be handmade.

Q. : Do I also need to decorate the back of the envelope?
A. : It is not an obligation but you can do it.

Q. : Will the back of the envelope be taken into account if I decorate it?
A. : We take into account the totality of your work but 90% of the judgment will be based on the front.

Q. : When will the results be submitted?
A. : In general, one week after the end of the session the latest.

Q. : When do I get the free entry if I win?
A. : After the end of the contest, we will mail you your invitation according to the address mentioned on (or in) your artistic envelope.

Q. : Can I take part in every single sessions?
A. : Yes, you can take part in every sessions, but you must send a new envelope every time.

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