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About cosplay

You will come with a cosplay ? Read the following list to find the answers to all your questions and get some help in preparing your visit!

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general questions

Q:  Is the entrance free for cosplayers ?

A: No. Even if you wear a cosplay, you have to buy a ticket to enter.
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Q: Is there a changing area ?

A: Japan Expo has set up changing facilities in the festival to make it easier for you to change into your costume on site:

  • at the entrance, before security checks (which allows you to leave your bags and luggage)
  • inside the festival, near the checkrooms Hall 5A.

Q: I need to carry props or parts of my costume in a big suitcase. Is it a problem?

A: Big luggage (over 25 litrers) is forbidden inside the festival. Yet you can change into your costume in the changing room in hall 8 and leave your luggage at the checkroom before security checks.

If your luggage is the size of hand baggage (below 25L), you can keep it with you inside the festival. 

Q: Are there forbidden costumes ?

A: Yes, in respect of the current security level in France, costumes resembling military, police, SWAT… costumes are forbidden. 

All weapon replicas are strictly forbidden, whatever they are made of. Only harmless replicas of fantasy weapons are allowed, on the condition that they bear strictly no resemblance with a real weapon and are made of harmless material only, such as foam, cardboard, light wood, or worbla.

Questions about your costume

Q: Can I bring a mask ?

A: Yes but you need to take if off at the security checks.

Q: Can I come with face paint?

A: You can use makeup only if you can be easily identified by security agents at security checks. Otherwise, you will have to put your makeup or face paint on inside (you can use the changing rooms located inside the festival).

Q: Can I come with sewing and cosplay tools?

A: You can bring glue, paint, or makeup. 

Q: Can I bring accessories ? 

A: Metal items are forbidden. You can bring accessories made from plastic, frabric, polystirene, worbla, cardboard, foam, resin, leather or light wood. Blunt objects, made of metal or wood, are forbidden, whatever their shape or size (sticks longer than 20 cm, like knitting needles, bars...). Have a look at all the security measures on this page.


We remind you that on site, only security agents can tell which items are allowed in or forbidden.

Q: Can I come a weapon or a weapon replica if there is no metal on it ?

A: ONLY HARMLESS REPLICAS OF FANTASY WEAPONS ARE ALLOWED, ON THE CONDITION THAT THEY BEAR STRICTLY NO RESEMBLANCE WITH A REAL WEAPON. You weapon also need to be made from plastic, frabric, polystirene, worbla, cardboard, foam, resin, leather or light wood.

Q : What kind of material are allowed for costumes ?

R : You can bring costumes made from plastic, frabric, polystirene, worbla, cardboard, foam, resin, leather or light wood. Metal costumes, costumes including parts of metal, or metal props are forbidden. 


Q: I have another question! What do I do?

A: You can read the attendees' guide and the other practical information here and the other FAQ sections. If you still cannot find the answer to your question, send us a message and we’ll find it for you! Use the "Contact us" section of the website and be careful when choosing the type of request, it will be easier for us to find the answer.

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