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It’s raining cosplay at the 19th Impact!

Whether it was in the alleys, at booths, or on stage during Cosplay Shows or the ECG finals, cosplay was once again in the spotlight during this impact!

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The festival cosplay album

European Cosplay Gathering

Season 8: finals

14 countries were running for the European Cosplay Gathering season 8 finals: Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, and UK. In front of a fullhouse with more than 14.000 attendees, the best European cosplayers have walked on the Ichigo stage dressed in stunning costumes. After a series of mind-blowing performances, the finals ended with the victory of Poland in the solo category and Czech Republic (who was joining the contest for the first time) in the group category.


Here we detail you the results given by the jury, who was composed of Arlequin, Drefan, Gladzy Kei, Its Raining Neon, and TinYasuo:

In the solo category:

  • 1st : Poland with Luiza in a costume from Overwatch
  • 2nd : German with PandoraCos in a costume from Moana
  • 3rd : Switzerland with Cide in a costume from Vikings

In the group category:

  • 1st : Czech Republic with AliGermia, and Ketrin in costumes from SMITE
  • 2nd : Germany with Shiroku and Chiko Chan in costumes from Fate Grand Order
  • 3rd : Switzerland with Syf and Ailyta in costumes fromThe Witcher 3

The Best Wig Award was given to UruharaFC, the Finnish representatives!


French selections

The day after these high-flying finals, the ECG launched its 9th Season, starting with the French selections. Here are the cosplayers who will be representing France in July 2019 during Japan Expo 20th Impact:

  • in the solo category : Aldarion in a costume from Warhammer
  • in the group category : LucioleS and Milou in costumes from Lady Oscar

Some truly creative guests

This year, you got to meet and leave with a signed photo of skilled cosplayers who have taken part in the ECG at the event’s booth, such as AnnshellaChechCrystalNekoCyclone XEri-senpaiJigsawphiaK5 cosplayKarol S FarronLucioleSMackyMilouMisa & Sho, NikitaSayaShibeezSikayTamiraTinkerer Work’n Cosplay, but also some of Season 8 finals contestants as well as jury members Arlequin and TinYasuo. The other judges, Drefan, Gladzy Kei and Its Raining Neon also came to meet you at their own booth at the Cosplay Village, just like Italian cosplayer Mogu.


Some of these guests also met you alongside other experienced cosplayers at 24 instructive masterclasses during which they shared tons of their secrets. Give texture to one’s costume, learn how to add electronic props or embroidery to it, photography tutorials, advice on how to handle a budget… you got all the information you needed to improve your knowledge as well as your skills.

Costumes in the spotlight

Cosplay Shows are one of Japan Expo’s major events. On Thursday and Friday, cosplayers with an overflowing imagination have stepped on the Ichigo stage to show you their costumes during two memorable shows that have seduced thousands of the attendees in the audience.

Here are the results of these two shows:


Thursday's Cosplay Show

Costume prize, solo:

  • 1st: Koneko as Rin from Vocaloid
  • 2nd: Panda Cosmaker as Moana from the eponymous movie
  • 3rd: ATORI as Loki from The Avengers

Costume prize, group:

Performance prize, solo:

Performance prize, group:

Special prizes:


Friday's Cosplay Show

Costume prize, solo:

Costume prize, group:

Performance prize, solo:

Performance prize, group:

Special prizes:

Cosplay also played a part in one of the festival’s two main thematics: Space Opera. On the occasion of Buichi TERASAWA’s Cobra 40th Anniversary, famous and experienced cosplayers from the CoSA association brought the manga’s heroes to life by wearing their costumes and embodying them through scenes inspired by their intergalactic adventures.

Activities for cosplay enthusiasts

Cosplay is an art that can be practiced by everyone, both skilled or beginners. Thus, you all got to enjoy many cosplay activities organized throughout four days, mainly at the Cosplay Village but not only…

Associations came to initiate you to various creative techniques: Aoi Sora Cosplay taught you the basics of makeup, sewing, DIY, and fixed your damaged costumes, the Art Body Club gave bodypainting demonstrations and painted on your face or arm, Polymorphe Studio offered you all kinds of workshops (tattooing, makeup, sewing) as well as sculpting and 3D modelling demonstrations, and MYV and Dolly Cosplay told you more about the art of embroidery.

Thanks to Kaokig, you discovered and tried out animegao kigurumi, a surprising type of cosplay where cosplayers wear a mask very much like a manga drawing.

The members of League of Replica brought their somptuous manga, comics, video game and movie costume replicas, and you could immortalize your visit by taking a picture of your costume at Shudan Pictures’ studio or in the many photocalls provided among the Cosplay Village.


Finally, entertainment spread through the alleys and outside of the festival’s halls thanks to you and all your colorful costumes. In addition, you enthralled the audience with your creations by going on the Kitsuné stage, which was open to all cosplayers!

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