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18th Impact: a Journey across Japan

To further up your discovery of Japan, many events and participants had for mission to show you different aspects of the country and to help you prepare your next travel.

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The photo album

Zoom on Japanese Cities

This year, Kanazawa had a place of honor with a unique exhibit presenting the many faces of the city. Located in the center of Japan, Kanazawa is mostly known for its glorious and peaceful past which enabled its inhabitants to live far away from any conflicts. The city was built by the KAGA samurai clan lead by the MAEDA family who, in order to maintain peace within its fortifications, developed arts and crafts rather than the art of war. Nowadays, Kanazawa remains one of the most artistic cities in the world and even integrated the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.

Located next to the booth of Kanazawa, the booth of Nagasaki was the perfect place to learn more about the port city in Southern Japan which managed to rebuild itself after the nuclear bombing of the Second World War to become once more a dynamic and touristic city.

At the heart of the Japan & traditions area, the cities of Karatsu, Otawara, Iida as well as the regions of Hida and Okinawa welcomed you on their booths to reveal you their cultural wealth. You could therefore discover their specialties and have a chat with local residents to further develop your knowledge of Japan.

Another way to discover Japan

12 gotochi chara came at Japan Expo to present you their regions. With the Azuki stage, the place where the mascots representing Japanese cities perform, you were able to meet Asakura Yumemaru from Fukui, Denchû-kun, the kabuki actor from Ibara, Kumamon, the famous bear from Kumamoto, Merugyuu & Merumomo, the couple of Oyabe, Mikke-chan, the dancing kitty from Osaka, Seto-kun & Koma-chan, the cute musicians from Seto, Tochisuke, the building-looking mascot from Tochigi, Yoichi-kun, the luckiest bowman from Otawara and Yuzugappa, from the Tokushima prefecture.

Shinjo-kun, the last river otter of Susaki, was there too, but not just to perform on stage. The city of Susaki indeed planed a contest to find the perfect visitor who would become the city ambassador for 2018.

The youngest visitors also met the mascots at the Kids area where games, songs and souvenir photos were in order. And with the Bal des mascottes documentary by Julien and Denis MENTZER, you could learn more about the gotochi chara.

Besides the mascots, very athletic artists were also there to promote their city. Tokyo-Rickshaw is a group of four shafu who comes from Asakusa and formed a music band in order to show their uncommon job to the public. No matter if they were on stage singing, on their booth taking photos with you or pulling their rickshaw around the festival, they were always up for sharing with you anecdotes about their city or their job.

Travelers’ experiences

The Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) met you at a panel to present you Japan via an animation pilgrimage. Two French journalists told you their journey around the places which inspired YOUR NAME., one of the most popular anime of the last few years. The members of JNTO also met you on their booth to give you tips to prepare your next trip.

A Swiss family also told you their adventures throughout Japan during a panel where you could learn more about spots not well-known by tourists.

Students received information from Go! Go! Nihon on how to prepare themselves to study in Japan. A panel was organized to answer every question you had about housing, administrative procedures, universities… The members of the organization also awaited you on their booth to exchange directly with you.

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