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The 17h Impact all about J-music!

You could find J-music everywhere during the 17th Impact. 12 bands and music artists performed on the Karasu stage, that is 15 showcases within 4 days. And there was more with J-music around every corner and under the spotlight!

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The live photo album of the Karasu Stage

The Karasu stage unchained


The Karasu stage is the ideal place to listen to all kind of J-music. You could enjoy pop, rock, metal or classical music.

Psycho le Cému was J-music Guest of Honor of the 17th Impact. As crazy in their music as in their stage performances, they invited you for amazing shows on Thursday and Saturday.

Another original band was waiting for you on stage: the half-wolf, half-human creatures of MAN WITH A MISSION offered an explosive show that you won’t forget before long! 4,000 of you cheered them on stage.

The French Touch – the main theme of the 17th Impact - was represented by Rise of the North Star. Influenced by the Japanese culture, this metal band set the stage on fire on Sunday.

The 17th Impact launched the J-music Discovery Springboards. 4 artists and groups  performed on the karasu stage: MayukoTAKAAKI KONNOROA and  Zeze Haha were waiting for you on stage for electric shows that you won’t forget !

Idol fans had nothing to complain about either with the presence of Baby Raid JAPAN and Cheeky Parade, 2 famous idol groups who gave you live shows full of passion and energy.

On Friday, you had the opportunity to discover on stage the band who won the Tokyo Candoll 2016 contest: Yuiga Dokuson. 

If you prefer classical music, you probably attended JAGMO and Saori KOBAYASHI’s video game music showcase. A legendary and magical show with a symphony orchestra.

The J-music photo album


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More live shows

If the Karasu stage was a full music festival by itself, J-music nonetheless slipped in every nook and cranny of Japan Expo, on other stages, on the booths and in the alleys.

The well-known UMI☆KUUN was inviting you on the Yuzu stage for a live full of energy.

The comedians and dancers, EGU-SPLOSION were also on stage to perform funny and unique choreographies

If you prefer Japanese traditional music, you probably attended Misaki IWASA and Hayabusa enka’s showcase.

And Dragon Ball lovers were inviting on BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment's booth and on stage to sing along with Hironobu KAGEYAMA: Cha-La Head-Cha-La!

If you’re a fan of singer singing with a voice synthesizer, the squid sisters, two pop singer sisters, popular to Splatoon players on Wii U, was on Karasu stage for an explosive show. If you prefer Vocaloid, the exceptional screening of IA’s first live show at Akasaka Blitz was projected on Yuzu stage.

And if it wasn’t enough, you could attend more shows on the Saiko ! Stage with the gotochi idols of Welcome To Japan Project: Ai HARUNA, i-robo, ORANGE PORT, OYAYUBI PRINCESS, Rio HIIRAGI, To-To-Me. You also could attend to kawaii shows with the artist Mico and enka performances with Mizmo.

Meeting the artists

Japan Expo also offers you opportunities to meet the guests. Almost all the bands and artists performing on stage also met you for signings in the 8 dedicated Sumiré rooms. You could even take a photo with some of them thanks to our Photocall. The artists were as happy as the fans and left with smiles on their faces after those meetings.

Japan in Motion was inviting you to an amazing event: a talk-show with many guests hosted by Suzuka ASAOKA and Noella FUJII, with the participation of Cheeky Parade, MAN WITH A MISSION and UMI☆KUUN. You could have also be part of the ceremony session of the International Manga Contest in Japan Expo. The jury was composed of the groups Cheeky Parade and MAN WITH A MISSION.

J-music activities and panels

The associations organized many activities. In both Sora rooms, KajiaN proposed quizzes to test you about J-rock, visual kei, J-pop and Japanese music. Tengumi and Forum Thalie added new challenges, with anime theme quizzes. The star of music-related activities, karaoke brought together crowds of people thanks to BulleJapon and KajiaN. And every time, there were gifts to win! 

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