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Arqo and Sedeto are two artists very inspired by Japanese pop culture. Vtubers, anime, video games and original creations are waiting for you on their booth!

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✦ ARQO ✦

Inspired by Shirow Miwa in his childhood, Arqo became a digital illustrator, having as main occupation the fanart of video games (gacha games, RPG and anime fighters), as well as vtubers, Nijisanji option. He will sell prints, digital commissions, and also a vtubing fanbook in collaboration with his talented booth neighbor Sedeto.


Sedeto is a graphic designer working for the manga industry since 10 years, and started Vtubing since over a year. Passionate about Japanese pop culture, she just came back from a year in Japan where she created new goodies and doujinshi for the Comiket. You will find some of them on her booth! (available in english and japanese)
You will also find prints and goodies inspired by anime and manga that she liked, a collection of tortucha objects, her stream mascot, and also her original creations, her artbook "Mitsumekaeshite" and the new edition of her mature doujinshi, "Yuuko & Makoto".

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