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Wabi Sabi : Ornaments

Wabi Sabi hosts a lot of Japanese craftspeople this year! Discover the craftspeople specializing in ornaments!

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At the Wabi Sabi area, you'll find a host of Japanese craftspeople who'll be delighted to show you their art. Origami, accessories, and calligraphy: come and visit their booth, admire their creations, and leave with your arms full of beautiful souvenirs!

Yamato Soushi - Traditional accessories!

Inspired by the Japanese card game Hanafuda (meaning "game of flowers") and by the twelve animals of the zodiac, Yamato Soushi paints by hand on ornaments, postal cards, and Japanese tissues!

Ichigo Usagi - Sweet accessories! 

Ichigo Usagi sells little clay accessories in the form of Japanese sweets. At Japan Expo, this craftswoman sells exclusive accessories in the shape of onigiri, a Japanese riceball!

Katyoufuugetu・honomura - Wear the myths

Izanami, Izanagi, Susanoo, and Amaterasu: find the Japanese myths and legends on the accessories available at Katyoufuugetu・honomura’s stand!

Torimomo - A feast for the eyes

Nerikiri are, in our everyday life, little Japanese sweets. Careful or your tummy might hurt on Torimomo’s stand, where you can find jewelry in the image of these sweets! 

Atelier Chineri TSUNAMAYON - Cats everywhere! 

Atelier Chineri TSUNAMAYON’s ornaments feature our feline friends and all of their variations. Ever dreamed of owning a croissant-cat or a delicious cat toast? Meet her at her stand to adopt your favorite keychain! 

ambitious  ~Fleurs, personnes et art~ - Mix of materials

The objective of ambitious  ~Fleurs, personnes et art~ is to express the fusing of materials in her pieces. Admire the fusion of kimono silk with flowers and pearls!

That's all for craftspeople specialized in ornaments. Want to see more? Discover the other craftspeople in the Wabi Sabi area this year!

See you soon at Wabi Sabi!

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