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Wabi Sabi: Hairpins and wristbands

Wabi Sabi hosts a lot of Japanese craftspeople this year! Discover the craftspeople specializing in hairpins and wristbands here!

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At the Wabi Sabi area, you'll find a host of Japanese craftspeople who'll be delighted to show you their art. Origami, accessories, and calligraphy: come and visit their booth, admire their creations, and leave with your arms full of beautiful souvenirs!

mikami kuhimimo - Threads accessories!

These accessories, braided with the kumi-himo method, make your kimono and wrists shine. Find mikami kuhimimo in the Wabi Sabi area for a wristband-making workshop!

l'aube teshigoto - Rocks at your wrist

l'aube teshigoto sells accessories made out of natural stones. These elegant jewels come in wristbands and also in earrings. Choose your favorite on her booth!

Hana-kanzashi Ayukichi - The fragility of cherry blossoms

Made out of a single thread, the flowers that decorate the jewels of Hana-kanzashi Ayukichi go well with kimonos as more Western outfits.

cuore - Truer than life! 

The flowers made by cuore are destined for decorative purposes. Made with fabric, they still look like jewels. On her booth, you can find hair ornaments and interior decorations!

hépatique - Japanese paper accessories

hépatique precisely cuts Japanese paper to create the delicate flowers that decorate her jewels. On her booth, you can find earrings and wristbands!

〜seigaiha〜 - Silk hairpins

This craftswoman is making silk hairpins in the shape of flowers. Enjoy the work of 〜seigaiha〜 on her booth at the Wabi Sabi area and leave with one of her compositions!

kudk - Traditional designs

The products of kudk, meticulously sewn stitch-by-stitch, pay tribute to Japan. Admire the work of this craftswoman, and get one of her creations, that are already popular in Japan.

ーSAKUSAー “ORIGAMI” jewelry  - Origami accessories!

Origami is a thousand-year-old art form. ーSAKUSAー “ORIGAMI” jewelry brings it back into the modern age thanks to her accessories by combining pearls, jewels, and -of course- origami!

That's all for craftspeople specializing in hairpins and wristbands. Want to see more? Discover the other craftspeople in the Wabi Sabi area this year!

See you soon at Wabi Sabi!

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