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Wabi Sabi: calligraphy

The Wabi Sabi area at Japan Expo offers an immersion into Japanese traditions thanks to many talented artists! Find on this page the different booths about calligraphy!

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In Japan, calligraphy is a traditional art. Unlike European calligraphy, Japanese calligraphy is considered as an art form on its own, and is mostly intended for decoration. Pronounced "shodo", the word calligraphy means "the way of writing", a way to master over the body and mind, used for instance as a form of meditation by Buddhist monks. Discover the artists specialized in calligraphy at the Wabi Sabi area at Japan Expo!

  • Kaori To Sho: Kaori To Sho offers perfume sachets and incense so you can enjoy soothing Japanese fragrances, as well as calligraphy works. "Scented Book" is a work that you can enjoy with smell and sight! There will also be a workshop where you can experiment with calligraphy by creating a "fragrant" object.
  • Gekkai Nishiyama: Gekkai Nishiyama is a nature-loving calligrapher who shows his art and different accessories. He started calligraphy at the age of 7 and obtained a master's degree at the age of 17. He develops works that combine calligraphy and colour.
  • Suikou: Discover various items such as tapestries, uchiwa (fans), coasters and tote bags using Japanese paper and kimonos, which reflect the unique culture of Japan. You will find something to decorate your home and enjoy the beauty of Japan in your daily life!
  • Hakuou: Hakuou mixes calligraphy, using a beautiful indigo called Japan Blue, and Mizuhiki, a Japanese art of creating volumes with braided paper cords. Come to enjoy the feel of brush, ink and paper in workshops at the booth!
  • Kazuki Kubo: Offering original kanji illustrations, stickers and postcards, Kazuki Kubo creates bold designs with a strong emphasis on shape and splashes coordination to amplify the freshness of the characters. Discover the charm of kanji not only in Japan, but also around the world with this original art!
  • Jukou Fujibayashi: Find calligraphy on original objects such as accessories, fans and skateboards. Through "Kana" and "Wa-sama no Sho", you can feel the traditional Japanese calligraphy and the breath of the modern times!
  • Heart Sūtra: Based on the idea of reconsidering one's own image from "nothing", Heart Sūtra offers sutra postcards and books. Through powerful and beautiful works, you can discover the world of sutra chanting in a rock spirit.
  • Chika Ushijima: Calligraphy works to express things full of promise, all on handmade Japanese paper and hand-dyed stencil paper. Also discover nostalgic toys made with Aizu cotton from Fukushima Prefecture.
  • Irodorimoji®︎ Shogetsu KONTANI: Colored Letters ® is a new field of art where you can freely organize and enjoy calligraphy shapes and styles by adding colour. In addition to magnets, mirrors and postcards, there are also "Colorful Letters ®" sets. Everyone can enjoy drawing unique works of art easily!
  • Sui: Calligraphy is often black ink on white paper, and although it is beautiful, it can look rather formal. This is why Sui has created colourful postcards and displays them as artworks, with the aim of making the calligraphy stand out even better with colours!


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