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Wabi Sabi: arts and music

The Wabi Sabi area at Japan Expo offers an immersion into Japanese tradition thanks to many talented artists! Find on this page the different booths about arts and music!

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Art and Music

Wabi Sabi invites you to discover the Japanese tradition through art and music at their area at Japan Expo! Between drawing, the use of Japanese paper or calligraphy artworks, the world of traditional art opens its doors to you!

As for music, a singer will be present to make you discover her universe in tribute to ancient beauty and words!

  • Mafuyu - cut paper illustrations: Washi Kobo makes handmade Japanese paper and Tsuna Japanese paper from mulberry tree, which grows naturally on the island of Awaji. They mainly sell stationery items such as bookmarks and postcards : some comforting items that brighten up everyday life with their beautiful colours.
  • Neo - paper, illustrations: They create works of art using different methods, such as paper and pen-and-ink drawings. Neo will exhibit and sell original drawings and postcards. You can enjoy Japanese spring, summer, autumn and winter expressed through paper crafts, but also Japanese cityscape with pen drawings and even fantasy art!
  • Invisible Flower - washi art: During the production and distribution of flowers in the world, many are thrown away and end their lives without being used by anyone. Hana Washi is an art form made of handmade Japanese paper to capture the beauty of flowers. Invisible Flower sells Hanawa paper bags, tapestries, wall panels, and more!
  • Tomoko. - Postcards: Tomoko displays paintings in which landscapes and patterns are drawn with calligraphic characters. "ASHIDE-ART" is a modern arrangement of a character game that has been existing since ancient times!
  • Sanae Nene - music, CD: Singer and composer, Sanae Nene has appeared on Japanese television as a singer since young age. Through her songs, she praises ancient words and beauty.


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