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Vanquish adversity with the Aïkido club Villejuif

Discover the martial art of Aikido through demonstrations and introductory courses at Japan Expo with the Aïkido Club Villejuif.

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Activities on the booth

Martial art known as the "art of peace", Aikido teaches you how to neutralize your opponent's aggressiveness through techniques (katas) practiced with bare hands or with wooden weapons such as the boken (wooden sword), the jô (stick) or the tantô (wooden knife)

At the Villejuif Aikido Club's booth, introductory courses are offered. Introductory courses begin with different warm-ups: stretching, moving, and breathing. You then put into practice, with a partner, simple techniques that allow you to neutralize your opponent in a few movements by grabbing the wrist, frontal attack, punching, back grabbing, etc.

These introductions last about 30 minutes. No registration is required, just come to the booth at the time indicated on-site to participate. The courses are supervised by teachers and their students.

about the Aïkido club villejuif

The Aikido Club Villejuif has been a part of Japan Expo since 2008. Initiations are led by Pascal Marcias, 6th dan, and Emiko Hattori, 4th dan, accompanied by their students.

Other friendly clubs will be pleased to take part in the activities throughout the festival: Aikido en Seine (750013) led by Hélène Doué, 5th dan; Aikido Club Perreuxien (94) led by Khalid Tragha, 5th dan; Aikido Traditionnel, Culture et Harmonie (78), led by Dominique Dalet, 6th dan.

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