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Tsunagari Taiko Center

Tsunagari Taiko Center invites you to discover awa odori and taiko with demonstrations of lively songs. Join this unique French band for a festive moment!

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Tsunagari Taiko Center is the only school to offer taiko (Japanese drums) and awa odori classes in France. The sound of the drums joins the artists’ smooth movements to create a show enjoyable with both the eyes and the ears. The main goal of Tsunagari Taiko Center is to convey their zest for life and the feeling of freedom they feel whenever they play to their public.



On the occasion of Japan Expo, Tsunagari Taiko Center invites you to share a festive moment with them during the following activities:

  • Demonstrations
  • Artistic collaborations
  • Free working groups  to try  taiko and  awa odori for yourselves

Attendees of any age are welcome to animations in order to discover these popular and joyful artforms.

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