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Try Aikibudô at Japan Expo !

Try aikibudô, the martial art of defense that draws its roots in the Japanese warrior tradition.

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Meaning "The way of harmony through martial practice", aikibudô is a defensive martial art that draws its roots in the Japanese warrior tradition.

Aikibudô has been created by Master Alain FLOQUET – 8th Dan – who learned martial arts with the famous budoka Master Minoru MOCHIZUKI.

Suitable for the modern world, this defensive discipline lives, evolves and gathers men, women and children just as well. This technique is essentially based on bare hands defense techniques against different kind of holds and hits, armed or not.

Aikibudô is also based on dodging techniques and on channelling the opposing strength through several means: unbalance, projections and immobilization. Thus, this martial art is not only a fighting techniques catalogue nor a classical self-defense practice. It aspires to the physical and mental construction of each individual through martial art and mutual learning.

The practice of aikibudô is open to everyone from the age of twelve

Aikibudô is taught jointly with the Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryû, one of the oldest weapons schools in Japan and dedicated important intangible heritage by the Ministry of Japanese Culture.


Explore the use of weapons alongside the Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryû Weapons School, one of the oldest in Japan, through demonstrations and initiations.

Practitioners of Aikibudô and Katori Shinto Ryû from all over Ile de France will be present at the booth to welcome you and share their passion.


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