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Travel to Gensôkyô with Touhou-Bohu

The association Touhou-Bohu invites you to discover the vast universe of Touhou Project through its games, which are as addictive as challenging, its lively music, and its colorful characters. Take part in several activities and tournaments around the series at Japan Expo!

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Touhou Project was born in 1997 when ZUN started developing indie games for PC-98. Since then, these danmaku games, also known as bullet hells or manic shooters, have become a worldwide phenomenon. With thousands of fan-made works, Touhou Project has been a pillar of doujin culture since the early 2000s.

The Touhou-Bohu association was created in 2015 with the aim of promoting the Touhou Project games and all the aspects that make this universe so popular. Attending Japan Expo since 2016, they strive to share their passion for this rich and colorful universe through different types of creations which, despite their niche character, have made the popularity of the series both in Japan and abroad.

At their booth at Japan Expo, the association invites you to discover the games, both the official ones, the rhythm and racing games created by fans, and the card game Danmaku! You can also participate in tournaments organized all along the festival.

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