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Traditional japanese card game with Karuta France

The Karuta France association returns to Japan Expo to help you discover Karuta!

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The Karuta France association is once again present at Japan Expo to introduce you to Karuta, the traditional Japanese sport popularized worldwide thanks to the manga Chihayafuru

Karuta France offers demonstrations of Karuta in traditional outfits, accompanied by an explanation of the rules and the history of this traditional Japanese game based on a collection of one hundred poems.

Come to listen to their experiences as players in France and Japan, and their discovery of this game combining reflexes, concentration, memorization, strategy, speed and endurance.

Karuta France is the main Karuta club in France, founded in 2012 and attached to the Japanese Karuta Federation. It's also one of the first Western clubs to have graduated players. Pioneers of Karuta outside Japan, they were world champions of the team tournament cumulating 4 dan or less in 2018, in the city of Otsu, Japan.

Their aim is to further develop Karuta abroad and continue to organize events and tournaments in Europe, in partnership with Japan and the rest of the foreign teams.

Karuta workshops will be open to all those who wish to try their hand at it, whether novices or not.



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