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Yuai Association

Always ready to share Japanese culture, the Yuai Association invites you to try many activities: origami, calligraphy, ikebana and all sorts of other things await you!

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Good mood and sharing: here is the Association Yuai’s moto. All year long, the French-Japanese community meets to have a good time during cultural outings and convivial activities.

The Yuai Association comes back to Japan Expo for the 6th time in a row to make you participate in plenty of animations about Japanese traditional culture.


Au programme

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Japanese animation, the Yuai Association proposes you to assist to kamishibai performances on the Kids' Area. These “paper plays” date back from the 8th or 13th century and became popular again in the 1950s-1960s.

A narrator tells stories by illustrating them with hand-drawn panels which he scrolled while adding sound effects to make the tale livelier.


Other novelties: the association proposes you to discover kendama, Japanese cup-and-ball toys, to learn how to draw in a manga way and to meet Japanese contributors to talk about fuusui (Japanese feng shui), zen meditation, Japanese tea ceremony and Japanese fishermen’ flags.

And as always, discover Japanese traditional culture also through different activities:

  • origami  and orizome, paper folding techniques
  • calligraphy
  • yukata fitting
  • ikebana, Japanese floral art
  • nigaoe, caricatures and portrait



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