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Shizuki Troupe

To the rhythm of peaceful music, the Shizuki troupe takes you to a universe as delicate as it is mysterious. Will you succumb to these nihon buyou dancers’ charm?

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The nihon buyô is a traditional dance from Japan existing for centuries. Though it is an integral part of Japanese heritage, this artform is also embedded in the country’s modern culture.

Most of the time, this dance represents the four seasons, narrates folkloric tales or expresses concealed feelings. However, the dancers’ body language doesn’t reveal directly emotions: you must guess, through discreet gestures or the atmosphere created by the artists, the sentiments intended. It is this mysterious aspect that makes the dance so captivating.


The Shizuki troupe is composed of nihon buyou dancers full of grace and delicateness. With smooth and precise gestures, they convey plenty of emotions to their public while always maintaining an enigmatic aura. Clad in colorful kimono, they dance to music as soft as their movements.

Find yourself enchanted by the Shizuki troupe and discover the nihon buyô dance on the Sakura stage.



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