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Pigments et Arts du Monde

The Pigments et Arts du Monde association invites you to art workshops and an exhibit on their booth, an area suitable for exchanging and contemplating pieces of art.

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Created in 2004, Pigments et Arts du Monde supports friendship between France and Japan and artistic exchanges between them. The association seeks to promote knowledge and traditional pictorial techniques from different cultures. A way to create bridges between the workshop and places where art has not legitimacy yet.



Pigments et Arts du Monde invites you to an introduction to the following art forms:

  • etegami, an art form but also a way of communication consisting in painting a picture with a few words on cards that you then send to your relatives
  • nihonga, a painting made with natural pigments
  • Japanese calligraphy
  • origami, the art of folding paper


You can try this different art forms for yourself with the artists Koyo EGAWA, Valérie EGUCHI, Eriko MATSUDA, Priscilla MOORE with an exhibit and workshops on their booth. They also prepared quizzes for you with Jens as gifts!

More information about Pigments et Arts du Monde on www.pigmentsetartsdumonde.com

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  • Culture & traditions

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