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After winning the 2015 European Cosplay Gathering in the solo category, TinYasuo becomes a member of the finals jury and meets you at the ECG booth!

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TinYasuo is a Danish cosplayer who has been presenting his costumes on stage for local contests and international competitions since 2007. He is used to making his creations from scratch and is particularly fond of hand sewing and small detailing. Besides, he mostly does sewing in contrast to armor making though he has occasionally made some for he enjoys challenges. He also values all aspects of cosplay. To him, makeup and the way people portray their characters on stage or in photos are juste as important as the costume itself.

He mostly makes costumes from manga and anime. He bases his cosplay choices on his like for the characters and tend to lean towards those with androgynous looks, which allows him to break social codes of what is seen as "manly" and "womanly".


TinYasuo often places himself high on big competitions' podiums. After winning the 2015 ECG contest in the solo category, he will be attending the 8th season's finals as a member of the jury!

Meet TinYasuo at Japan Expo this summer at the ECG booth!


  • 2013 – Nordic Cosplay Championship (solo), Suède – 2nd place
  • 2014 – World Cosplay Summit (groupe), Japon – Brother Award
  • 2015 – European Cosplay Gathering (solo), France – 1st place
  • 2016 – World Cosplay Summit (groupe), Japon – 2nd place
  • 2017 – Nordic Cosplay Championship (solo), Suède – 1st place

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