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The Sorcerer's Gazette awaits you for a magic trick!

Meet the wizards of La Gazette du Sorcier and share a moment with other Harry Potter fans!

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activities at the booth

Play board games, official or homemade, read the Daily Prophet and challenge the hosts and festival-goers to tough quizzes!

Don't know your Hogwarts house? Ask the Sorting Hat... He'll be happy to assign you. So you're a Gryffindor? Or more Slytherin?

about la gazette du sorcier

La Gazette du Sorcier was founded in July 2000 by a group of fans, and has since acquired the title of the longest-running French-language Harry Potter news site.

The site covers the Harry Potter saga and spin-off sagas such as Fantastic Beasts. They have produced some of the most comprehensive Harry Potter dossiers on the web!

La Gazette du Sorcier offers a wealth of exclusive content, including games, tutorials, reviews and podcasts, and regularly organizes contests for its readers.

The medium has a strong presence on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, Twitch), where the Gazette offers content dedicated to the license's universes.

The Gazette team regularly goes out into the field, reporting on events such as inaugurations, previews, vernissages and press conferences, as well as quidditch tournaments, conventions, festivals and shows. They travel all over France, and very regularly abroad.

The Gazette team is also very present at conventions and festivals, where they offer conferences, animations and games of all kinds, sometimes created entirely by the team!

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