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Come dance awa odori with the crazy Takarabune troupe! This high-spirited traditional dance, also called “the loonies’ dance”, is characterized by an intense rhythm that nobody can resist.

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Declared as an association since 2012, the Takarabune troupe was created in 1995 in the Tokushima area and performs most of the time in Tokyo. Most members are under 30, and have practiced the awa odori dance for more than 10 years. Such a longevity in awa odori dance and music is explained by a perfect mastery of the technique by the troupe members.


A few of Takarabune's members are the first professional awa odori dancers in Japan and perform up to 200 times a year. Since 2014, the troupe has been dancing abroad more and more often and took part in festivals in India, in New York, in Paris, in Hong Kong, etc.

The troupe constantly tries to stay open to new genres, while preserving the soul of this 400 years-old traditional art. Its members dance with passion, and sometimes let the madness take over. A joyful and energizing show that will make you want to dance to the drums!


What is awa odori?

The awa odori dance is practiced during the festival of the same name celebrated from August 12 to 15 in Japan. It takes place during the O-bon period, a Buddhist celebration honoring the ancestor’s spirits. This festival has always been characterized by impressive events, especially in Tokushima, where it was born. The dance has a joyful and dynamic rhythm. Women and men dance in separate groups and parade in the city to the sound of a music played with drums and gongs, instruments used in temples to pray Buddha, as well as shamisen and flutes. 



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