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Stunts and fights with Spatha Stunt

Spatha Stunt is an association of professional stuntmen specializing in choreographed combat and the creation of video projects.

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Activities On the booth

Find out about physical stunts and choreographed fights through the various video projects shown at the booth.

You can also see their practice with your own eyes by participating in a stunt show themed around the famous video game Assassin's Creed. Their stunt performers will entertain you during a live performance and will be at your disposal all day.

Also, take pictures with their stunt performers, who will wear costumes made by a talented designer on the theme of Assassin's Creed.

About Spatha Stunt

The Spatha is the name given to the Roman sword, but it is also the name chosen by the association. They self-produce short films featuring choreographed combat and broadcast them to as wide an audience as possible.


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