Japan Expo Paris - July 14-17, 2022

Square Nose Color by Juice Lizzard

In our time of remake and other prequel, the demake is a rather uncommon practice: discover the retro consoles with the Square Nose Color game created by the artist Juice Lizard. Come to the Indie Video Games village at Japan Expo!

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Square Nose Color is a small plateformer 2D very retro, available for free on Arduboy and Gamebuino Meta, two open source and portable consoles.

The pitch? Doctor Meggan captured Square Nose, small nose-squirrel in the forest, and is used as a Guinea pig in his laboratory to test recipes of kibble for dogs and cats.

Juice Lizard is a plastic, amateur programmer artist and regularly exhibited his paintings and drawings in Paris. Square Nose is the fourth game that he programmed in C language, after Frame Perfect (a 'Pong' demake in 1 d), The guy who never complains (a small e-book in English) and Cutie E (a quick sexy and musical event time).



Come and try the black and white and colored versions, and put to the test your skills of hardcore gamer! You can learn more on the technical design of this mini game and his artistic influences. Discover also some new consoles, unknown to the general public, with which one can create its own games and share with the world.

Springboard for independent video games, Juice Lizard will attend Japan Expo 20th Impact on the Indie Video Games village! 


Follow Juice Lizard on www.juicelizard.com

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