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Soleil Levant

A promoter of Japanese culture, the Soleil Levant invites you on its booth to play traditional board games.

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Created in 2011, the goal of the Soleil Levant association (literally “rising sun”) is to spread Japanese culture in all its forms in the French city of Anjou. Its members work on creating ludic and diversified events touching both Japanese modern and traditional culture: video games, board games, origami, cooking, introduction to Japanese language…

If the association bases its activities in a community center of Angers, it also offers its services to external organizations such as city halls, schools and libraries where its volunteers create fun activities adapted to any kind of public.



On the occasion of the festival, the Soleil Levant proposes you Japanese board games or games inspired by Japanese culture:

  • Gomoku, a board game made for 2 players
  • Shogi, a board game similar to chess
  • Goita Shogi, a simple and entertaining card game
  • Hanafuda, a traditional Japanese card game
  • Yokai no Mori, a game inspired by shôgi
  • And many more!

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