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SHIATSU AND DO-IN - Toshi Ichikawa's TOSHIATSU School

Take a moment to relax with a Shiatsu session in the wellness area under the expert hands of Toshi ICHIKAWA and his students at Toshiatsu!

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Toshi Ichikawa, director of his Do-In and Shiatsu school in Paris, is a key player in the French Shiatsu landscape.

Shiatsu (a Japanese term meaning finger pressure) is a Japanese energy discipline originating from thousand-year-old practices, which consists of pressure, hand impositions, and stretching applied to the whole body. It is a method of relaxation and wellness that is part of the field of prevention.

Do-In is a Japanese approach of energetic self-massages, stretching, more or less dynamic body exercises, breathing, and meditation... The goal is to stimulate the circulation of vital energy, the "ki" or the "qi", and to relax the body by oneself.


Toshi ICHIKAWA (Toshiatsu), a Shiatsu teacher, offers demonstrations and individual Shiatsu sessions on ergonomic chairs, massage tables, or traditional Japanese tatami. These sessions are a source of great relaxation.

Other Japanese wellness practices can be discovered, such as do-in or makko-hô. Toshi ICHIKAWA will also accompany these moments of relaxation with music, to the sound of the shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute).

Take advantage of these well-being sessions to discover relaxation methods from the land of the rising sun and recharge your batteries!

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