Japan Expo Paris - July 14-17, 2022

Danmaku freeplay with Touhou-Bohu

Shooting game enthusiasts who like shoot’em up and danmaku can discover the creations of the Touhou-Bohu association during dynamic freeplay sessions at Japan Expo 20th Impact!

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Touhou-Bohu is a francophone association that focuses on the Touhou Project, a series of danmaku video games produced by ZUN. The danmaku genre – also known as Bullet Hell – comes from the shoot’em up games, characterised by the difficulty of the levels and the numerous waves of enemies to shoot. Among the most famous, we find DoDonPachi, Mushihime-Sama or Ikaruga.

The growing popularity of danmaku led the series of video games produced by Touhou-Bohu to be adapted into fighting games, card games and even manga!



The Touhou-Bohu association will attend Japan Expo to make you discover this colourful and dynamic virtual universe through freeplay sessions open to everyone, where the attendees can try this specific type of gaming.

Come to the Touhou-Bohu booth to play danmaku, but also to participate in tournaments at Japan Expo 20th Impact!


Follow Touhou-Bohu on www.facebook.com/touhoubohu!

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