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Samurai-Kamui spread traditional Japanese culture through artisitc sword demonstrations. Its members go on the Sakura, Ichigo, and WABI SABI area stages to carry you back to ancient Japan!

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In 1998, Tetsuro SHIMAGUICHI founded a samurai artist group by fusing swordfighting with art. He has given many Japanese swordsmanship demonstrations across the world and has often shared his knowledge with famous adverstising and movie directors. In 2003, he choregraphed the fightings scenes of Quentin Tarantino’s famous movie, Kill Bill, where he also played the role of Miki, a member of the CRAZY 88. In 2012, he created Samurai-Kamui and founded a dōjō dedicated to the art of the sword before extending his activity to Italy, Poland, Lithuania, and to the United States to promote samurai culture on a global scale.

Samurai-Kamui also works in partnership with Japanese hotels with historic past, which allow customers to live close to samurai during their stay.



This year, Samurai-Kamui will come to Japan Expo to celebrate the 160th anniversary of diplomatic relations between France and Japan with artistic sword demonstrations on the Sakura, Ichigo, and WABI SABI area stages!

Find Samurai-Kamui on the official website samurai-kamui.com



This year, we celebrate the 160th anniversary of diplomatic relations between France and Japan! Click here to know more about this event

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