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Sailor Moon

The six casting members of the forthcoming musical Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon – Petite étrangère – come to Japan Expo on July 5 for the premiere of their new anime series Sailor Moon Crystal!

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The publication of the manga SAILOR MOON started on December ’91 and the cartoons were broadcast for the first time on TV in ’92. It immediately was a big success.

Moreover, it was adapted into a musical in ’93. At that time, characters coming straight from a manga and played by real people was something very rare to see. This musical, with songs and dance and action, had set the audience on fire. A total of 847 representations took place until 2005.

And with the beginning of the project 20th anniversary, the musical was brought to light again in September of 2013! This time, all the characters are played by women: a challenge that has attracted even more public attention.

As expected as the new animated series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal, broadcast in streaming from July 5 on the Nico Nico Douga website, the musical Sailor Moon –Petite Étrangère–, adapting the legendary story of the “black moon”, will be performed in Tôkyô and Osaka from next August 2014 on.

The actresses of the musical will be at Japan Expo on Saturday July 5 during a presentation and the projection of their show, as well as for a mini-live and a talk show!

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