Japan Expo Paris - July 14-17, 2022

Saiko ! Japan

Dozens of booths come straight from Japan to the Saiko ! Japan area: don’t forget to visit them to discover real Japanese products!

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AMUSE Co., Ltd. will be meeting you with the cutest characters, always a success with anime fans, wherever their come from!

In Japan, AMUSE Co., Ltd. mainly develops soft toys but has also started to sell rights to the USA and China. The company keeps on creating characters symbolizing Japanese kawaii, which will make your heart melt within a second!

This year, you’ll find mascot keyrings at the booth. AMUSE., CO. LTD. wishes to introduce the whole world to Japanese kawaii!


The cult saga Evangelion has many fans worldwide!

From the Neon Genesis Evangelion TV show to the series of feature films Rebuild of Evangelion produced by studio Kara, one of the best in the world, you’ll find the whole universe of this successful saga at the Evangelion booth!

Yôko TAKAHASHI, the singer of the famous opening of Neon Genesis Evangelion, will perform on stage at Japan Expo on Sunday, July 8! At the booth, you’ll see the new animated music video of Zankokuna Tenshi no Te-ze (A Cruel Angel's Thesis), or purchase the latest artbook about Evangelion. Published in 2018 and full of illustrations, it comes with a gift!

Japan Manga Alliance

Japan Manga Alliance’s booth gathers five major Japanese societies: Animate, Kadokawa, Kodansha, Shueisha, and Shogakukan.

Japan Manga Alliance was founded in order to "create trends that will considerably increase the number of fans of the emphasized works by offering Japanese pop culture lovers a more direct and frequent access to various works, all according to copyrights and intellectual proprety."

The first step was to create a shop in Bangkok in Thailand, in February 2016.

This summer, Japan Manga Alliance present you some of the products they have commercialized in Japan. Come find them at their booth!

Magic Sakura

Water it and follow the blooming of a Japanese cherry tree! Magic Sakura is a mysterious little tree that you grow yourself.

Cherry trees are one of the symbols of Japan. The Japanese love them so much that in spring, the weather forecast gives the dates of the upcoming blooming in the whole country.

Magic Sakura is a tree that you can grow on your desk. It has been presented by many media, including on TV. You just have to set this paper tree on its base, unfold its branches and water it with “magic water”. In two or three hours, your cherry tree will start to bloom and it will get to full blooming in 12 hours.  

Enjoy taking care of tis little tree and watch it bloom, before experiencing its withering as, like any real cherry tree. Magic Sakura is also sensitive to weather and temperature: each one of them is unique.

Everyone who experiences the happiness of Magic Sakura also feels the will to share it with friends and family. It’s like a miniature spring that you can enjoy yourself or offer!

Mamoru HOSODA Official Shop

Mamoru HOSODA’s latest feature film, Mirai of the Future, was selected then screened at the Directors’ Fortnight during the 71st Festival de Cannes, and has won the audience over.

As the movie will be released this year in France, you can discover the work of its producer at MAMORU HOSODA FILM WORKS booth, which is a special exhibition dedicated to Mamoru HOSODA’s works.

Another booth, Mamoru HOSODA Official Shop, opens in Saiko ! Japan’s area. Here you can find various tie-in products from Mirai of the Future, but also from The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Summer Wars, Wolf Children, and The Boy and the Beast. Many of these products will only start to be commercialized this summer, so be the first to grab them!


Japanese pop culture is in the spotlight at the MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON zone! Try on typical Japanese schoolbags, just like the ones you see in manga or anime, at AEON booth, and take part in a workshop to create animal-shaped onigiri (places are limited). You’ll also get to win gifts by sharing AEON’s presentation video on social media!

At GO! GO! CURRY! booth, you can taste this famous Japanese restaurant chain’s katsu karê (curry & fried pork or chicken). Quantities are limited.

Finally, don’t miss out MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON booth, with its setting representing Harajuku’s famous World clock. Come take a picture just like you were visiting this touristic district… all while wearing one of AEON’s Japanese schoolbags or carrying a sachet of curry from GO! GO! CURRY!!

Come experience pure Japan at MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON booth!


SENGOKUDAMA is a society planning events and artistic collaborations, as well as producing art works and tie-in products inspired by the Sengoku era (a historical period where Japan was waging war, from the middle of the 15th century to the end of the 16th) where samurai were very active.

Okazu, the master in the art of sumi-e calligraphy (an artistic Japanese movement consisting in painting engravings with India ink), is one of Japan’s most famous calligraphers. Besides leaders of the Sengoku era, he also draws characters from famous manga, anime, and video game in his own style, which contributed to his fame.

Come attend his performances on stage and discover some demonstrations at SENGOKUDAMA’s booth. Gifts will be distributed there!

Shachihata Inc.

Shachihata Inc.’s booth organizes a "stamp rally", a very popular game in Japan.

How does it work? Collect the drawings of several special stamps. At the booth, you will superimpose them to unveil the final design.

It will be about a manga as famous in France as it is in Japan: One Piece!


Kazuo UMEZU is the father of horror manga, a genre that makes Japan proud. He was awarded two prizes earlier this year, at Angoulême International Comics Festival and then a 2018 Daruma from the Japan Expo Awards.

The booth will exhibit many products derived from his major works, starting with My Name is Shingo, and The Drifting Classroom, Baptism, Orochi, or Makoto-chan.

Pretty girls, both fascinating and eery, striking horrific scenes, a subtle stroke… All those ingredients come together in elegant products that appeal to many Japanese people. T-shirts, badges, keyrings, posters, stickers, stamps, figurines: many products you won’t find anywhere else!

"Clear stamps" are products made in Japan and with a quality that has become famous: they allow to reproduce a drawing in many details. Come try them. 


Kawaii culture is a source of happiness!

Coming from Japan for Japan Expo 19th Impact, Yamani Co., Ltd. is glad to introduce to you Mikemura San and the Mocchiizoo collection.

After seducing the Japanese and Americans, the cutest cat in Japan and its relaxing animal toys are coming to Paris! They will be with their favorite instagramers and can’t wait to meet you.


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