Japan Expo Paris - July 14-17, 2022


The SAIKO ! JAPAN area is back at Japan Expo, with nearly 30 Japanese companies displaying their products, an exhibit, guests and above all, a stage with a busy schedule!

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In Japan, saiko means “at the highest”. And all the exhibitors present at the SAIKO ! JAPAN area are highly happy to see the Japanese culture being so welcomed in France. Nearly 30 Japanese companies participate at Japan Expo on this area. They display their activities or their products, and above all, they share with the attendees all the details about their country, their traditions and their modern and pop culture.

The SAIKO ! JAPAN area also has its own stage: read the programme of the SAIKO ! STAGE on this page. Also, find out more about the traditional booths here and about the booths on pop and modern culture here.

And here are the SAIKO ! JAPAN area booths, in connection with the traditional culture.

Focus on tourism

Coooby The Run (booth BI43)

« Hi everyone! My name is Coooby and I’m from Tôkyô!” Coooby represents Tôkyô and he’s already famous in the whole world. After having played at Coooby the Run in many countries, a race game with an artistic pop universe, it’s now time for France to discover this.

Orange Port Cafe (booth BI51)

Dressed up specially to serve you Japanese tea from Numazu, Orange Port is eager to see you during photo shootings on Shizuoka and Numazu sceneries. They’ll tell you about their region and their touristic sites.

Fukuoka City (booth BM34)

Fukuoka is the most involved Japanese city in the video games’ sector. At Japan Expo, they offer you to discover real popular games in Japan, as well as cartoons and other contents already available outside of Japan. Discover all the charms of Fukuoka.  

Fukuoka Prefecture (booth BM30)

The Fukuoka prefecture publishes Asian Beat, a multilingual website that broadcasts all around the world information about the culture of the young generations: manga, cartoons and anime, fashion, pop music, etc. Come discover Asian Beat and the Fukuoka prefecture at Japan Expo. And with special gifts, as a bonus!

Nagasaki’s noodles (booth BM33)

The shimabara tenobe-somen and goto tenobe-udon are still hand-made, using traditional methods from the past, in a mild climate perfect for these kind of productions. These noodles are firm under your tooth, and really pleasant for your palate.

Funassyi - Nippon TV Service (booth BG50)

Do you know Funassyi ? It’s the mascot who became really popular in Japan! He represents the city of Funabashi. He comes for the first time in France and it’s also his first trip outside Japan. At the booth, he offers you exclusive Funassyi goodies, nowhere else to be found.

Manga Kingdom Tottori – Tottori Prefecture (booth BI41)

The Tottori prefecture is the realm of manga in Japan. That’s where Jirô TANIGUCHI comes from, as well as Shigeru MIZUKI (Gué-guégué Onitaro) or Gosho AOYAMA (Meitantei Conan). Come visit Tottori, a rich region because of their natural landscapes that recall ancient Japan and the mangaka creativity.

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